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The ART of Trust (mental health)

"Trust" is our most prized possession not many can obtain it, let alone give away so freely. We discuss the mental woes we go through trusting others, ourselves and even the process. This is a big mental health discussion, listen and find out through personal stories. 



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The ART Of CluB Talk!

In the world full of finessers and politics who do you trust? We talk about building a team for your music brand/creative ideas. Trust is the most important key to building a solid team. Today we give tips from our experiences.

I Can’t “C”!

Consistency is one of the toughest C word to do it goes hand in hand with commitment. We discuss overcoming ways we've been trying to do to stay committed through the highs and lows.

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I Can’t Believe You DiDN’T START!

They all do it, we all do it! Well technically we don't that's the problem, when we have a desire to want to do something we get scared and start looking for a safe alternative. If it ain't 99.99% guaranteed we not with it, but why? Let's talk about it.

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I’m Done Dropping Music!

I'm no longer dropping music. Discussing the alternative routes to building a brand. How it has to be deeper than music to receive love/support from people who listen to music.

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Tory Lanez: Enemy Of The State

Today we discuss about growth, are people allowed to grow after committing a mistake no matter how current or long ago it was? We breakdown our opinions about judgement, bias-ness, and the mental woes people go through especially during these internet times through social media and cancel culture. We also ask you to give us your opinions about growth and learning from your mistakes. New EP Tuesday!

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To Freestyle or Not to Freestyle, That Is The Question?!

Which is more important dropping demo style freestyles or full songs? We discus which would be beneficial for success. This is one of many challenges musicians go through. 

STOP OVERTHINKING on Branding Rap Music!

This week we STOP OVERTHINKING on Rap Tips. Over analysis is one of the worst situations to come across when developing your skills as a new artist. Today we cover some the topic song structure or marketing which is more important.

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